Mark Bowden is one of the most trusted Mental Performance experts in the modern game.

He has written a best selling book (Use Your Brain, Raise Your Game) that has been well received and read by many of the top professionals in the UK and abroad.

He works with top players on an individual basis, including numerous Premier League and International players.

He is also the Mental Performance Consultant for one of the most recognised football agencies in the world (First Eleven ISM Holding).

This program contains the same information that he uses when working with his 1-2-1 clients. It also includes many of the exercises he uses to get his players operating at Top Form consistently!

Use the app to inform yourself of what you should be thinking about before, during and after games. Then return time after time to condition this amazing mindset to be a natural part of who you are.

Play consistently to your very best!

Mark is the best selling author for the best selling book 'Use Your Brain, Raise Your Game: The Professional Footballers Guide to Peak Performance'. It has been read by hundreds of pro's and many more amateur players. A number of professional footballers have referred to it as their 'footballing bible'.

The videos, information and exercises in the app take the information in the book forward to the next level.