Improve Your Mental Health

Although the app is primarily focused on improving your performance on the field there is some brilliant news for your mental health also.

In order to get you operating at your very best on the field we need to optimise the best parts of your brain to be in control. We also need to get tonnes of feel good hormones and neurotransmitters firing around your body and brain.

I explain all about how to do this in the app to get you firing on the field.

... and one of the brilliant side effects of this is that these techniques are brilliant for your mental health also.

Of course if you are having a lot of problems with your mental health please talk with someone and certainly speak with your doctor.

The below image will make a lot more sense when you start watching the videos within the start of the app. However as a quick over view the Red brain on the left is where people will be experiencing mental health issues. 

We get you away from this and living in the Green Brain for the most part of your life. This is where confidence happiness and motivation live.

Then we move you on to the Blue Performance State to optimise your performances on the pitch.

As well as your mental health and what the app can do for your performances on the pitch it is also excellent for improving your life in general.

Check out the other benefits here.

Click on the images below to see how else the app can improve your life as well as the feedback from those using it (both professional and amateur players).