Improve Your Performances

I know you've experienced playing when you've been brilliant and impressed all those watching. When you've been a brilliant team mate with the way that you've played. Dominating the opposition every time you've come near the ball.

... but I also know that you've had other games where you've experienced a terrible game. Maybe you've been slightly fearful, down on your confidence and not wanted the ball as you just didn't feel like anything was going right. 

Maybe your mind was filled with doubt, you just didn't feel you usual self. That ability that you know you have just wasn't there any more.

In fact I know that thoughts that negatively impact your game happen quite a lot for you.

How do I know this? 

After working for years with many players at different levels I now work mostly with players at Championship and Premier League level.

I have a deep knowledge of how your brain works and how it impacts your game.

Jordan Hugill is one of the many pro players that has assisted with his input on the performance side of the app.

What you are going through is not unique to you. It is what all players go through. The difference is that you are here.

You are now in a position to benefit form my knowledge and expertise that will turn this around so that you can consistently be the one that impresses on the football pitch. You can dominate your strongest opponent... your brain and get an unfair advantage on all of the players that don't know how to do this!

There is a myth that working on your mindset will improve your game by 1%, 2% or even 5%.

Your brain is responsible for 100% of what you do on the football pitch. From your passing and shooting to your decision making and confidence. 

If you aren't working on this it can be the difference between you having a career that goes up and down. Or a career where you play consistently to your very best. Making improvements quicker than ever and ultimately reaching your full potential... which I can tell you now... is much higher than your limiting beliefs are thinking now.

Aynsley Pears is another player who has assisted with his input on the app.

The information in the videos will help you to

  • Play to your very best consistently
  • Know what to do when self doubt or a lack of confidence kicks in
  • Learn quicker and and more effectively
  • Condition yourself to playing better than you ever thought possible
  • Condition yourself so that you play automatically and naturally brilliant.
  • Het the upper hand on your opponent and dominate

Aaron Martin is another player who has assisted with his input on the app.

Alex Palmer is another player who has assisted with his input on the app.

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