Press Release April 2020

Helping footballers get through the Coronavirus-enforced lay-off

How can footballers stay on top of their game throughout the prolonged break caused by the Coronavirus epidemic? Stuck at home, and not being able to train every day with their team-mates, this is a tough time for footballers at all levels of the game - both mentally and physically.

For most players, this will be the first time they have had such a long lay-off while they are fit. They might even be worried that this will have an impact on their performance and skills once they get back onto the pitch.

However, a growing number of footballers - pros and amateurs - are recognising the power of the brain in improving their confidence, performance and mental strength.

Some 200 professional players, from the Premier League to League Two, use the Top Form app set up by Mental Performance Consultant, Mark Bowden. The app was built with input from professional footballers and covers all positions on the football pitch, including goalkeeping.

Mark also works one-2-one with Premier League and Championship players and is the best-selling author of the book 'Use Your Brain, Raise Your Game: The Professional Footballer’s Guide to Peak Performance'. The book has been read by hundreds of pro players and thousands of amateur players.

His key message is that for all of us, the brain is in 100% control of what we do. For footballers, that includes tackling, passing, crossing, shooting, heading, positional awareness, mindset. Everything.

Mark said: “The app is focused on mental performance for footballers, but there are also huge crossovers with benefits on mental health. As well as keeping on top of their skills - which is difficult for all sportsmen and women at the moment - right now, many footballers will also be needing help to stay mentally healthy.”

Because of the Coronavirus, Mark is giving everyone 3 months free access so that they can not only continue their development with football, but they can also assist with their mental health when they are likely to need it most.   


To get the 3 months people can go to and sign up to it on the home screen.

Top Form in the app store:

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If you would like to interview Mark Bowden for an in-depth feature, please get in touch. Mark can also put you in touch with professional footballers who are using Top Form. Email: ; Phone: 07575 203 332