Professional Players Using the App

The individuals that Mark works with or who have utilised his work are confidential.

However, these are just some of the 250+ professional football players who have been happy to endorse that they have utilised Mark's work by either working personally with him or use the app or book.

Dion-Curtis Henry - Crystal Palace FC
Aaron Martin - Exeter City
Peter Hartley - Motherwell FC
Carl McHugh - Motherwell FC
Sam Lavelle - Morecambe FC
Kevin Ellison - Morecambe FC
Jordan Cranston - Morecambe FC
Ben Heneghan - Sheffield United FC
Darragh Lenihan - Blackburn Rovers FC
Ethan Pinnock - Brentford FC
Josh Gordon - Walsall FC
Fraser Preston - Sheffield Wednesday FC
Aynsley Pears - Middlesborough FC 

"I can't recommend Mark enough in the work he's doing with the book and now the app that I'm currently using.

The mental side of the game is so important in my opinion and having the book and app also make it very easy and accessible to learn how the brain works.

I take the book with me on away trips, hotels, everywhere and of course the app on my phone. When you've got confidence you can achieve anything and Mark's work is helping me to achieve my goals as a footballer".
Kieran Sadlier - Doncaster Rover FC

Jacob Gardiner Smith - Wycombe Wanderers FC
Alex Palmer - West Bromwich Albion FC
Tivonge Rushesha - Swansea City FC
Ben Whiteman- Doncaster Rovers
Gavin Reilly - Bristol Rovers FC
Callum Reilly - AFC Wimbledon
Peter McDonald - Glasgow Rangers FC
Luke McCormick - Swindon Town FC
Kyle Callan - Sligo Rovers FC
Kelvin Mellor - Bradford City
Ryan Bowman - Exeter City
Tommie Hoban - Aberdeen FC
Damarlio Sterling - Bolton Wanderers FC

"Mark offers a really inspiring and insightful way for us to understand the brain and how the mind works to help optimise our performance.

We all focus on our nutrition, sports science and football specific training, but I like the fact that Mark focuses on training the mind.

I believe that if we are able to put this knowledge thats available to us into practice it will have a great impact.I encourage you to read Mark's book 'Use Your Brain, Raise Your Game' and make use of his app TopForm."

Ryan Edwards - Burton Albion FC

Reece James - Doncaster Rovers FC
Abo Eisa - Scunthorpe United FC
Anthony Pilkington - Wigan Athletic FC
Louis Jones - Doncaster Rovers FC
Louis Moult - Preston North End FC
Joe Jacobson - Wycombe Wanderers FC
Rod McDonald- AFC Wimbledon
Oscar Threlkeld - Salford City FC
Lewis Collins - Newport County FC
Connor Thomson
Conor Grant - Plymouth Argyle FC
Scott Wiseman

"I’m enjoying the nighttime meditation and just learning so much about the mental aspect of the game from using the app.

I feel it’s something which is neglected in professional football and is probably more important than the technical and tactical coaching we receive.

I can’t wait to see how much I can implement the stuff I’ve learned and how far I can go with this knowledge. Great app Thank you."

Rhys Bennett - Peterborough United FC

Joe Wright - Millwall FC
Tom Broadbent - Swindon Town FC
Matt Green - Grimsby Town FC
Jordan Hugill - West Ham United FC
Russell Martin - MK Dons
Keanu Marsh-Brown
Michael McGovern - Norwich City
Craig MacKail Smith - Wycombe Wanderers
Tom Clarke - Preston North End FC
Diallang Jaiyesimi - Norwich City
Aaron Lewis - Lincoln City

“After reading ‘Use Your Brain, Raise Your Game’, I was encouraged to meet Mark as I found his book to be one of the most realistic and relatable, regarding the mind and behaviours of a professional footballer...

Having reached out to him to continue my personal growth, I instantly found Mark to be approachable, inspiring and a great influence in helping me to raise my confidence and reinforce self-belief. Mark has become an extension of my support network, providing professional insight on my weekly statistics and prompting me to make changes to my mind and behaviour in order to positively impact my performance.

For anyone looking to develop as a player, either through mind or body, I thoroughly recommend both Mark’s book, and indeed his services to help reach peak performance."

Aaron Martin Exeter City FC

Gavin Whyte - Cardiff City FC
Jamie Walker - Heart of Midlothian FC
Jordan Boon - Bolton Wanderers FC
Tom Pearce - Wigan Athletic FC
Paul Huntington - Preston North End FC
Adam O'Reilly - Preston North End FC
Joe Reilly - Plymouth Argyle FC
Jordan Adebayo-Smith - Lincoln City FC
Henry Burnett - Southend United FC
Charlie Owens - Queens Park Rangers FC
Jason Pearce - Charlton Athletic FC
Dion Donohue - Swindon Town FC

"I can't recommend Mark enough. His book and app are something I strongly believe anyone associated with football should have.

The mental side of the game has always been my most challenging area of my game. Over critical, doubting and allowing unnecessary things / stress effect my performance. It's so important that people understand how affective your brain can be on your performance!

Since I've read this book and started to refer back to areas that I want to focus on within the app, I've felt my approach to training, match days, different scenarios and views on life in general has changed and I've only seen this has a positive effect on my life and performances.

I can't thank Mark enough for allowing me to be able to access control of my brain. I'm hoping in time he can help me to challenge my brain more".

Josh Gordon - Walsall FC

Cole Stockton - Morecambe FC
Greg Docherty - Glasgow Rangers FC
Charlie Adam - Reading FC
Ashley Baker - Sheffield Wednesday FC
Carl Tickinson - Yeovil Town FC
Andy Lonergan - Liverpool FC
Marc Roberts - Birmingham City FC
Ryan Manning - Queens Park Rangers FC
Jake Taylor - Exeter City FC
John White - Southend Inited FC
Danny Andrew - Fleetwood Town FC

"Mark's book has without doubt improved my recent performances. I've also learned many thinks from him, some even non-football related.

I'm not a massive reader but I used to look forward to reading his book every night and finished it very quickly.

The app also helps me keep on top of the techniques and is a good reminder of he knowledge I need. The book itself has made me even more intrigued about how powerful the brain is and how I can use it to my advantage. Since reading the book and accessing the app, I've been made captain full time and been going into games knowing I'm going to play well. This has been proven by my stats increase.

I tell many of my friends to read this book and hope other people can have a bit more knowledge of the brain/body that I now have. He's a good contact to have."

Sam Lavelle - Morecambe FC Captain

Devante Rodney - Salford City - FC
Alex Bradley - Lincoln City FC
Ian Lawlor - Doncaster Rovers FC
Tom Purrington - Plymouth Argyle FC
Jake Hasketh - Southampton FC
Zach Clough - Nottingham Forest FC
Alex Cairns - Fleetwood Town FC
Aaron Skinner - Tottenham Hotspur FC
Graham Dorrans - Glasgow Rangers FC
Bradley Walker - Shrewsbury Town FC
Lenell John-Lewis - Shrewsbury Town FC
Sean Long - Cheltenham Town FC
Tom Dallison - Crawley Town FC
Luke McKendry - Swansea City

"My first experience of Mark was reading his book: Use Your Brain, Raise Your Game. It was extremely clear, intelligent and easy to use. The subtle hints and tips all add up to help you immensely.

I then contacted Mark and embarked on a 12 week course, through video once per week. From the start I found it extremely beneficial, extremely helpful and extremely comfortable with what we were doing and the impression it was making on me and the improvements I was seeing.

As footballers we train our bodies a lot without focussing enough on the mental side...

He made me see things in different ways that maybe I wasn't seeing before. Different ways of thinking and different ways of dealing with certain situations.

I found it extremely helpful for the whole 12 weeks... I have to say I can't recommend him highly enough, read his book I think it's great.

I'm really pleased that I've worked with him and will continue to do so I'm sure at some point in the future. I'm sure if anyone chooses to work with him you'll find it to be as beneficial as I have and have a real positive impact on your life and your career."

Russell Martin - MK Dons Manager

Jamie Taylor - Bristol City FC
Marley Watkins - Bristol City FC & Wales International
Jordan Roberts - Ipswich Town FC
Kayden Jackson - Ipswich Town FC
Michael Nottingham - Blackpool FC
Paul Farman - Stevenage FC
Tom Davies - Bristol Rovers FC
Danny Rowe - Ipswich Town FC
Kieran Sadlier - Doncaster Rovers FC
Ali Al-Hamadi - Swansea City FC
Ryan Edwards - Burton Albion FC
Antoni Sarcevic - Plymouth Argyle FC
James Aspinall - Wigan Athletic FC
Rollin Menayese - Bristol Rovers FC

"What Mark has setup on the app to help any individual both on & off the field is hugely influential in becoming an all round better person & athlete.

For me it's perfect and has helped me massively this season in preparing myself in the best way I can.

Can't wait to keep using it and see the new content and try to get many more people on board with it".

Antoni Sarcevic - Plymouth Argyle FC

Michael Kelly - Bristol Rovers FC
Jarvis Thornton - Sheffield Wednesday FC
Josh Earl - Bolton Wanderers FC
Connor Simpson - Preston North End FC
Jamille Matt - Newport County FC
Jermaine Anderson - Bradford City FC
Louis Gray - Carlisle United FC
Jonny Taylor - Rotherham United FC
Callum Burton - Rotherham United FC
Michael Olakigbe - Fulham FC
Stuart Morrison - Dunfermline Athletic FC
Ben Fox - Burton Albion FC
Stuart Taylor - Ipswich Town FC
Joe Bunney - Bolton Wanderers FC
Peter Grant - Greenock Morton
Shaun MacDonald - Rotherham United FC
Alex Baptiste - Doncaster Rovers FC
Joe O'Shaughnessy - Woverhampton FC

"4 years ago I left my boyhood club Liverpool FC where I spent 13 years of my life. Since leaving I started dropping down the leagues, began to fall out of love with the game and was becoming a shadow of the player I once was.

I was starting to think negatively, questioning if I was good enough. My confidence was shot and I knew if I wanted to get back where I once was I needed to start making the mental side of the game my priority. Since coming across Marks book it’s made me really understand the way the brain works and he explains everything better than anyone else I’ve come across. This book is now my Bible and I’m so pleased I now have the app to go with it.

My hunger, drive and performances have already come on leaps and bounds and I’m starting to feel like my old self again, I can’t thank Mark enough for that! The app is now part of my everyday routine and I look forward to continuing to grow with it and seeing where it takes me."

Jordan Lussey - Ex Liverpool FC, Bolton Wanderers FC and England Youth International

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