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As well as hundreds of pro's there are thousands of amateur players taking their game to the next level with the videos and conditioning exercises on my app.

Here are what some of them are saying.

Great app, helped boost confidence massively

Only been using for a few weeks but already seeing improvements!

Brilliant app

I highly recommend this app for anyone who is low in Confidence or is looking to unlock their full potential. The app has a variety of different videos targeting different topics throughout a game day. It has been very helpful.

Help you become a better footballer!

This app is truly amazing, it’s made me have a different perspective on how to approach training & how to play my position better. A truly dedicated app for footballers, definitely recommend it to all the ballers out there!🙌🏾

Great app

This app really helps, I have used the techniques during training and before my game, it really improved my football on and off the pitch and made me more confident during my games.

Excellent app!

An absolutely amazing app helps a lot. I see a mental side of a football game now and my performance is increasing every time, thank you so much !

Quality tool to use

A lot of time and effort put into the app and very beneficial for all footballers out there no matter the level :


Extremely helpful. Changes your perspective & opens your eyes up, highly recommend.

The app is worth it

This app has got great information that can actually help you to improve on your mental side of your game

Progression to the next level

I’ve had many things offered to me to help my performance in football but this app has been the most useful thing I’ve been given access to. I’d recommend this to players of all levels who want to further their game and give themselves every chance of progressing. Great app!!

Great app

Great way to train your mind mentally and prepare you, as you wouldn’t find these information anywhere else. It’s easy to use and a great way to learn on your off days.


Really do recommend this for upcoming ballers, not only does the app help with my stress in football, but it helps my training and outside of football life. 10/10 would recommend 🙏

Incredible app, hugely relevant and useful to footballers AND to everyone

Immensely useful way to explore how the mind works and how it is such a massive part of how we play. Not only how we play but for everyone and in everything we do in everyday life, I don’t see why you wouldn’t have this app! Incredible in every way!!


I love this app i use it all the time actually really helps me. Whoever created this is a genius. Really does work i would rate it 6/5 absolutely incredible!!!!

This is great

This app has helped me so much in such little time and would highly recommended to any footballers or aspiring footballers 👌🏻

Brilliant for progressing with your game

A brilliant, well thought out app, helping players to reach their top potential. The app is very clear and easy to use which helps you navigate what videos you should be watching. These videos are full of helpful content and I thank Mark for his great support in and out of the videos 👍🏻


This app will teach you how to think, breathe and live like a football player. It is great for football players that want to become the best of themselves. I recommend it for players that need that little push in their mindset or even to the ones that think they have a good mindset. It will teach you a lot of things


Unbelievable app, really opened my mind up, strongly suggest!


Very good app, beneficial to both football and life away from the pitch

Best app to train your brain

Good to help getting that professional player mindset.

Quality app, great for aspiring footballers at any level 👌🏻

This app is great, it provides information for footballers at any position that can improve your game massively. If you use this app it will completely change your mindset for the better and transform your game!

Absolutely fantastic

This app encourages you and helps your motivation in football. It’s specified in different positions, depending on where you play it helps you form the best in that position. It’s relaxing and brilliant. Worth the download. 5 stars all day long. Guys it’s worth it!

Great app

Great app I would definitely recommend it has helped me on and off the football field and it is a must use for those who have low self esteem because this excellent app will help you with that and your mental health

Grey videos and content

A very insightful and useful app of mindset for footballers. It helps you to improve the mental side of your game on and off the pitch, helping you become a better player. 100% recommend


been using this app for a few weeks and defiantly has increased my drive, feel like a different player, deffo recommend

Wonderful app

This app is great for anyone who deals with stress and anxiety when it comes to football or even life in general

Very good app!

Very good with something that most footballers don’t consider being important. The mental part of it which is more important than the physical part. 10/10 recommended.

Best app for a footballers mindset.

I have been using the app for a couple of weeks now and I highly recommend it to any footballer to help them get in to a good mindset going in to games and training, I have always been a big on preparing my mind before games and I haven’t come across anything as good as this before. Being a goalkeeper I’ve found the position specific videos very helpful just to refresh my mind and help me think clearly about what I need to do going in to games and have found myself recognizing moments in games where something I have listened to on the videos prior to the game come in to action. Can’t recommend the app enough and they’re isn’t anything else like it out there!

Build confidence and help take your performance to the next level!

I have been using the app for about a week now and it has been a great help, the information and facts given are exactly what is needed to get focused. I highly recommend it to footballers, it is exactly what you need prepare for training and match days. It help you understand the mind and what it takes to be focused. Very good app!

Improved confidence

Really can’t thank this app enough. Great advice and really helps the side of your game that is overlooked and one that many people struggle with. I notice improved confidence and maturity in my playing and it is the best feeling playing well with confidence. It’s helping me get to the next level of where I need to be. 👍🏼best app out there for any athlete.

Amazing app for football

This app really helps a lot in what you should be to get better as a football player. Would highly recommend it for any upcoming footballers to use this. As in the space of two weeks it has improved my game massively.


Great app to help every footballer from elite to amateur with position specific modules and great for the mind too.

Great app

Fantastic app would highly recommended for anyone not just footballers or athletes can help anyone with improving your mindset 🙌🏿🔥❤️

Great App!

This app is great for those who are interested on improving their mindset in football and in general in life. The videos are great and the delivery of them is second to none. 100% recommend the app to anyone no matter who u are. Improving your mindset can be done easily with this app 👍👍

Best advice in years

This app is amazing helping me to understand my brain and how to use it better in sports

With different situations there are different ways to improve

Personal review

It’s great ! I love it , introduced me to a totally new mindset that I wouldn’t even think about trying. Mindset is more important than athletes think. Watched a few of the videos and felt more confident when playing in matches, also watched the videos that helped me to reflect on my game and improve confidence and belief further.

Boss app ⚽️👍

This is such a good way to improve your game. I have had this for nearly a week and I am already seeing improvements. If you want to improve your game, download this app.


Massive help to a players game!

Great app , had helped me to prepare well for training sessions and a lot more. I would recommend this to anyone looking to get the best out of everything they do on the pitch.

Brilliant app really helpful

Love the app and I already know it’s going to help my performance in a game definitely worth a download 👍

Whole new level

It’s probably the most useful football app I’ve come across, I never thought that mindset made such a difference, 100% recommended

A great videos and great content

Easy to understand and great way to improve your game using your mind

Great app

I suffered with a lot of confidence issues with my football for a long time. This app genuinely did help me get through some nervous stages. Really easy to use and very informative.

Best app for understanding how footballers feel

I highly recommend this app to all footballers not just academy footballer even Sunday league footballers. What I really love about this app is how he understands exactly how footballers feel and is such a big help in confidence , after watching these videos my game has improved by sooo much

Developing the most important part.

Great app with position specific modules to help you out as an individual but also generalised meditation to help you improve your overall outlook and mindset. Highly recommend as it is useful not only if you feel like you need a helping hand but also when you are doing well.

Really helpful

This app is really helpful as it covers all areas of the physical and mental components of football and it also really mentally prepares you for games/training. It also puts a lot of effort into parts of football that not many people would think of. The app is really easy to use and has short videos that are straight to the point. Certainly recommend

Critically Essential App To Have❗️

This app is exactly what any baller would look for. It gives you that extra push you need to be at 100% before training, game days and even after a session if you have an identified weakness and want to get better. You are guaranteed to win the mental battle which defines any footballers performance. Cheers to Mark Bowden for this. Absolutely Brilliant✨


What a great APP to help develop and strengthen the mental side of a footballers game. Professional or amateur, this APP will help you be the best that you can be. Great stuff


Definitely recommend this app to any person who plays football. Tells you some very interesting information and tips to be on your best performance during your games and even training.

Great app

I’m loving the app it’s given me so much more drive to train and play, I’ve never been more motivated to play football and it’s given me a much greater understanding of football and how important out mentality is for our performance

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